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The Boero Group becomes part of ANIT, the National Association for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, with the aim to intensify its path of professional specialization, embarked on for a long time. ANIT aims to spread, promote and develop thermal and acoustic insulation in the architectural, deco and industrial sectors as a tool for the environment protection and people’s well-being. For this purpose, it also cooperates with organizations and institutions such as ENEA, Kyoto Club, SACERT, Legambiente, Consiglio Nazionale Green Economy, Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, RSE, ITC-CNR, FAST, ANCE. Thanks to this partnership, the Boero Group strengthens its approach towards top quality innovative and environmental friendly products, on the basis of an even stronger approach to the key points of buildings’ energetic efficiency. For further information: