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Chugoku (marine and anticorrosive coatings) reinforces their presence in Italy with a new form of partnership with the Boero Group

On Wednesday 14th November Andreina Boero, president of the Group of the same name, and Masataka Uetake, president of Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd. of Tokyo, signed an agreement in which the Japanese company has taken 70% of the capital of BoAt S.p.A. Founded in 1917, Chugoku is one of the largest worldwide paint manufacturers in the marine and anticorrosive sectors and operates through an international capillary distribution network. BoAt S.p.A. was born out of a joint-venture between the Boero and Attiva groups (which provide the initials of the name), in order to develop the above-mentioned sectors with an exclusive production and sales license for Italy, France and Algeria and over the years it has earned itself positions of leadership in the fields of maintenance, repair and marine buildings. The new shareholding structure demonstrates the reciprocal trust between the two members to expand side by side with the Italian shipping, which has definitively established itself  in the global market and sees a concentration of both shipyards and the fulcrum of international ship traffics in the Far East. Kenshi Date has been appointed president and Massimo Zanone as the c.e.o., confirming the localization of the company in Italy with its head offices in Genoa.