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Boero Group: 2013–Q1 results

The Board of directors of the holding company, Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A., approved the first quarter 2013 results. Consolidated revenues came to 17 million euro (23,3 million on 31st March 2012, while 19,1 million was the proforma figure, evaluated for comparing homogeneous figures after the sale of 70% of Boat S.p.A., that took place in 2012); EBIT at -743,000 euro (-1,3 million on 31st March 2012; -1,7 million proforma); EBIT net of non-recurring items at -695,000 euro (-333,000 on 31st March 2012; -730,000 proforma); net income at -863,000 euro (-1,6 million on 31st March 2012). The net financial position at -41,4 million euro on 31st March 2013 is improving with respect to the -45,3 million on 31st March 2012. For further info (only Italian) :