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Gruppo Boero and Salomé Yachts & Design

It’s with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Salomé Yachts & Design. By working together, we have developed a unique coating colours range for very exclusive luxury yachts.
“We are very glad to partner with the market leader in yacht coatings. Gruppo Boero and Salomé Yachts will develop together their own range of coating colours to trigger a wave of customized shades”, said Mr. Etienne Salomé, founder and CEO of Salomé Yachts & Design.
Salomé Yachts launched the first official exclusive coating colour of this partnership: EXP-YELLOW, which is not only immediately recognizable but “represents the Salomé Yachts team’s pioneering spirit”, is written on Linkedln.
By working together, both companies aim to provide special colours for the new owners.
The future of yacht coatings is not only bright, it is colourful thanks to Boero YachtCoatings.