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CRI-MonkeysEvolution Bussoleno360x280

Gruppo Boero and Associazione Monkeys Evolution for a tribute of Urban Art to the Croce Rossa Italiana Val Susa

Volunteers and workers of the Croce Rossa Italiana have provided an essential contribution to bring aid and respond to the Covid-19 emergency. The Logistic Center of Civil Protection Valle di Susa, where the Croce Rossa Susa operates, is based In Bussoleno, a crucial location to effectively respond to the past emergency. In this structure food aid as well as personal protective equipment have been stored and distributed to those who were in dire need. In addition, medical staff was hosted. Still today it plays an important role in this crisis. We have decided to offer a tribute to the valuable work of these volunteers. The Monkeys Evolution Association, an institution that promotes communicative expressions of the Urban-Art since 2005, took care of the artistic coordination of this initiative for free. Gruppo Boero provided free its paints, suitable to the implementation of Urban-Art projects for their excellent quality, resistance of pigments and easy processing. This artwork, created pro-bono by the two Urban-Artists Supe and SprayVenom Graffiti, frames the crucial moment of the emergency through a close-up of the arm, symbol of activity which brings the first aid kit to those who need it. On the background you can see the Sacra di San Michele, symbol of the Valle di Susa, together with the Rocciamelone and the emergency vehicles that travel the roads in the area. This Project, besides paying homage to the CRI's activity, is the result of a solidarity and synergic collaboration among associations and cutting-edge companies that, thanks to cooperation, are able to implement actions aimed at the recovery and enhancement of the territories through art and color. For further info