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Boero’s Cool Paints at the European Coatings Conference

The European Coatings Conference in Nuremberg, one of the main events of the sector in the world, admitted in the 2017 edition the Boero important project “New Paints for Energy-Efficient Buildings” on the theme of the so-called “cool paints”. The presentation, introduced by PhD Erika Cozza, was related to low-heat-absorbing coatings for exteriors. The idea arises from a project of the Boero Group’s R&D Centre, focused on the use of IR-reflective pigments, i.e. innovative components that allow the paint to not absorb, but actually reflect, the infrared rays of the solar spectrum which transmit heat. This property allows significant energy savings in the conditioning of buildings. In addition to their “ecological importance”, the Boero’s cool paints are produced in bold shades, widening the colour range for exterior paints even in the warm countries, where so far the choice, almost compulsory, has always been white.