Tomorrow is now

A company that wants to stay on the market for the long term has to be innovative.

A dynamic view of the paint environment demands continuous introduction of changes in products, production methods and organisational models. The progressive regeneration of processes has led to the natural evolution of our name in the world. For us it is not only important to find solutions to needs dictated by an ever – changing context – it is fundamental to bring out new complexities in advance, as a reservoir of intuition, which already prepares the ground for future research. Our aim is to design, create and manage a network of knowledge that helps make the colour supply chain more sustainable and efficient.

Our research and development

We do research to improve our knowledge of new technologies and new product opportunities. We develop operational solutions capable of enhancing performance and adapting and anticipating market needs.

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Certified quality

The quality of Gruppo Boero lies first and foremost in the product, but it is not limited to it: it is to be found in logistics, in service, in the relationship with suppliers and customers, who are always at the centre of every activity. A quality that we want to measure and guarantee according to recognised standards.

Special projects

Planning means designing new possibilities. Gruppo Boero periodically engages in projects capable of showing new opportunities for the paint sector, in a transversal logic that puts us in tandem with new stakeholders and allows us to imagine other development models.

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Innovation is born from sharing experiences. The contamination of different types of knowledge opens new windows on reality. We believe in the importance of continually nurturing and regenerating a significant network of technical partners, which allows us to invest in ideas only after a serious feasibility filter.