Certified Quality

Today more than ever, quality is an essential prerequisite for a company with specialised production to stand out in the field.

Certified quality is an absolute guarantee both for our most loyal customers, who can see the progress made over time, and for those who want to approach our products for the first time.The paint sector in particular shows that investment in research and development of increasingly competitive products plays a key role in maintaining high quality standards.

In order to maintain a prominent position in the market and ensure that customers remain satisfied, we are committed every day to ensuring continuous and strict control at every stage of the production cycle, from the selection of raw materials that comply with the European REACH Regulation, to production, storage, shipment of finished products and technical assistance.We are certified by RINA according to an integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety management system which complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. The system is periodically audited both internally by specialised personnel and externally by the certification body which monitors compliance with company standards and procedures throughout the business.

RINA 9001

The ISO 9001 standard specifies the requirements that a quality management system must meet, and which must be effective in demonstrating the ability of an organisation to be able to supply products or services in compliance with the requirements of its customers, as well as with the applicable mandatory regulations.

Info: rina.org

RINA 14001

ISO 14001 certification offers organisations the opportunity to demonstrate that they have an effective environmental management system in place to help them improve their environmental performance and achieve specific objectives.

Info: rina.org

RINA 45001

ISO 45001 is the international standard for the certification of occupational health and safety management systems.

Info: rina.org

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is the European Union’s eco-label that distinguishes products and services that, while providing high performance standards, are characterised by a limited environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Gruppo Boero sought this certification for some specific products of its Architecture & Deco line.

Info: mite.gov.it/pagina/ecolabel-ue

AIQ certification

This establishes a classification, not compulsory in Italy, for products intended for interiors such as floor and wall coverings, varnishes and lacquers, with a class of substance emission assigned after strict tests defined by the European standard ISO 16000. A wide range of our paints and enamels in the Architecture & Deco range can boast the highest value (A+) of this classification.

Info: salute.gov.it/portale/temi


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) is a voluntary certification scheme, developed in application of ISO 14025 (Type III environmental labelling), according to the International EPD System.
The EPD is a document that communicates objective, comparable and credible information about the environmental performance of products and services. The two brands Boero and Attiva have obtained this declaration for their ranges of Paints, Glazes and Coatings for exteriors.

Info: environdec.com

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is a parameter used to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product, a service, an organisation, an event or an individual, generally expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent. In the DIY world, the Group has chosen a specific product on which to apply this methodology, with a view to continuous improvement.

Info: mite.gov.it/pagina/cose-la-carbon-footprint