Company policy

Company policy

The Senior Management of Boero Bartolomeo Spa, in reiterating that both Customer and Final Consumer satisfaction are among the company’s priority objectives, and this must be pursued with the utmost respect for the Environment and Worker Health and Safety, believes that all staff should be involved, each as part of their duties and responsibilities, participating with determination in the short- and long-term to:

– Aim for continuous improvement of product quality, especially with reference to the satisfaction of our customers’ requirements, of our internal standards and the legal requirements applicable to the products/services we offer;

– Operate in compliance to legislation and regulations in force and other provisions agreed upon with regards to environmental management, the management of safety and the management of staff;

Prevent pollution, promote the prevention of risks in the workplace, and continuously improve environmental, and health and safety performance;

Lower the residual risks for the environment and for the health and safety of staff at the workplace by implementing appropriate training and informational programmes, by adopting appropriate procedures and work instructions, and through the suitable organisation of work;

Pursue ongoing process performance improvement;

Promote and guarantee the information, education and training process to ensure proper application of the integrated management system;

Promote consultation, when appropriate, of Workers, Contractors and pertinent Outside.

Our priority objectives


Q1 – Optimise processes to always maintain an efficient and effective document management system, consistent with company operations.
Q2 – Maintain customer satisfaction at appropriate levels also by reducing complaints.
Q3 – Improve the efficiency of production and management of logistics.


A1 – Reduce energy consumption.
A2 – Optimise waste management.
A3 – Improve the quality of products in terms of sustainability relative to the product life cycle.


S1 – Improve the management of hazardous substances.
S2 – Prevent accidents and occupational diseases by implementing appropriate safeguard measures, monitoring, control and surveillance activities, and systematic analysis of any events that take place.

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