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Gruppo Boero is always on the lookout for new challenges, territories to explore, worlds to colour, new colours to invent. Let’s discover them together

Underlying it all is Green Keel Pack

Born from Gruppo Boero’s constant search for antifoulings with a low environmental impact, Green Keel Pack is the hi-tech solution for testing the biocide-free antifouling Eco Hull Paint. The hull cleaning service will be an “underwater walk-through” with the KeelCrab drone, for which the Eco Hull Paint has been specially designed.

All this guarantees a reduced environmental impact: thanks to the use of biocide-free paint and delicate brushes capable of preserving the paint over time without removing it, but instead operating on the vegetation or the so-called upper derivatives.

Salomé Yachts dresses up in innovation

The exclusive agreement with Boero YachtCoatings, a brand of the Gruppo Boero, is an important step thanks to which Salomé Yachts further increases its prestige; the two companies have developed a range of superior quality coating colours, dedicated to luxury yachts. By working together, the two brands have redoubled their collective strength: to develop even more stunning Atlantic Series yachts.

“Gruppo Boero and Salomé Yachts are developing their own colour range together, to trigger a new wave of colour customisation,” says Etienne Salomé, founder and CEO of Salomé Yachts.

Green Paints turns waste into resources

Gruppo Boero, in collaboration with the Smart Materials research team at the Italian Institute of Technology, after two years of investigation, has completed a project of innovative paints incorporating bioplastic microparticles made from vegetable food waste; waste that until now had a high disposal cost.

Achieving this required building a laboratory process chain, which represented a strong innovation in the production field and therefore had an important social, economic and environmental impact, as well as in terms of improving product life cycle management.

Spirulina Paint

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