Two centuries of participation

How to we contribute to the well-being of our people? We have asked ourselves this since the establishment our first factory and we continue to ask ourselves the same question today, when the concept of community extends beyond national borders. Over these two centuries, the concept of well-being and inclusion have changed continuously. The effort to create an organisation that is a welcoming space and a solution to the needs in people’s lives has required a constantly changing approach, observing social dynamics inside and outside the company and revisiting the organisational culture to meet or anticipate new needs. The low turnover which characterises Gruppo Boero is the most reassuring number regarding the good work we do and the trust that is offered to us in what is to come. We have four overlapping generations which collaborate to determine the present, maintaining a perfect exchange between experience and enthusiasm. Today, the challenge to adapt our internal rules and our projects to a new model of well-being joins those we consider habits of excellence in our relationship with our workers.

Good agreements with our workers

Each project to improve our social impact starts from a simple principle: economic and personal security. We belong to a sector which has agreed on levels of guarantees for workers that are among the highest in the world, both from an economic and a regulatory point of view, with supplementary pension schemes and healthcare available to all workers. The chemical worker employment contract applies to all staff in the company, and all benefits are extended to them regardless of the duration of their contract or of their working hours.

Worker participation in workplace safety protocol

We have added protocols to the mandatory workplace safety regulations which help us to listen to our workers and their experience, contextualised for each operation and every process, daily. The direct involvement of workers in the planning, analysis and management of risk is a vital tradition, ensuring a proper relationship between the organisation and its people. Whether in the factory or in the office, preventing risks to health is a priority for Gruppo Boero.

Supporting personal priorities

Each person has goals of independence and improvement. We develop the individual’s instinct to contribute to social well-being and improve their skills based on solid roots in physical and economic security. The decision to invest in training dedicated to soft skills and transversal competencies, as well as in specific on-the-job training, is a key decision for the Group.