We are our territory

We are closely connected to the territory which has always welcomed us. As Gruppo Boero, we are rooted in Liguria and from here we continue to provide impetus to the future of the Group even today. There is something mythical about our Swan, which reminds us how much the land we grew up on is among the oldest in Western Europe; it was Hesiod of Cygnus, king of the ancient Ligurians, who led one of the founding populations of the Mediterranean. We also like being custodians of this cradle of civilisation, which is regaining international importance now more than ever. During the entire journey which has turned us into Gruppo Boero, we have always been careful to give back to the territory that which we received, balancing out the impact of our activities through job creation and local actions, conscientious of local elements and of strengthening the social fabric.

Investing in the territory

Our commitment toward the community at a local, national, and global level is an important part of our entrepreneurial model. We have maintained the most important establishments between Liguria and Lower Piemonte; from there we provide the impetus throughout Italy and the world. The Boero brand has left its mark on the history of various families who have passed each other the baton inside the company, extending the concept of familiarity to include the territory. Our boundaries have now been extended, but we have chosen to continue designing and producing here, with regulations and relations of dialogue with the world of work which enable us to safeguard our partners and the quality of the production process for our customers.

Urban Regeneration

From the “Colour Plans” in the most beautiful villages of the Cinque Terre and the western part of Liguria, to the various murals found throughout the region – including the work dedicated to the Fire Brigade under the Morandi bridge and the recent recolouring of part of the raised motorway above the capital of Liguria – colours regenerate the eye and design urban landscapes, animating tourism, preserving memory and nourishing the imagination. In certain cases, Gruppo Boero has donated its products, and it has always donated its expertise, on many occasions dedicated to supporting the historical heritage or the creativity of young artists at the service of the community. Many of the projects involving support for the design or donation of materials have been replicated around Italy.

Support for sporting events

Gruppo Boero supports the local sailing tradition through projects with the Italian Yacht Club and lending a hand for numerous sporting events, including Genoa Sailing Week, Millevele and Vela Cup.Helping out with preparing hulls during sporting competitions in Liguria is part of a tradition that enhances the area and brings in tourism. We are in the front line to make the dreams of victory and freedom travel faster in our precious sea. We have extended this vocation by participating in events on other coasts too.

Between cultural events and museums

Our colours participate in the magic of the many cultural events that animate the city of Genoa with its famous historic palazzi, the “Rolli”. Always present and active at the local Design Week, which every year gives a new lease of life to the desire for beauty, we are constantly involved in designing the backdrops that will enhance the exhibition routes in the city’s most important museums. Our advertising history too has now become a cultural one: our brand is a historical heritage and was a protagonist of the advertising evolution that saw in Genoa the creativity of one of the first illustrators’ groups. Training close to home that has convinced us over time to support cultural projects throughout Italy and often even outside the “boot”.

From Genoa to lower Piedmont

We have an Italian passion, which starts in Genoa, a city with a sixteenth-century structure, still surrounded by medieval walls, but which contains the seed of progress. It is said that what is new in Genoa will travel fast everywhere. Today Genoa has a major technological hub, with the IIT and the ambitions of the Great Campus, Renzo Piano’s urban-social construction site aimed at mending the suburbs, a new tourist and port vocation, and the ambition to become a university city. It is a city of a thousand colours and many contrasts, resolved in a feeling of understatement in the shadow of which one can experiment, create relationships and be surprised by unusual views. It is an area with a solid character but with a difficult geography and delicate balance, on which we have decided to avoid inflicting an industrial impact. As our ideas and ambitions grew, we expanded into lower Piedmont, where, thanks to spaces that guaranteed a low impact, we were able to create one of the largest production sites in Europe, an efficient logistics system and a modern R&D laboratory. In each place that hosts us, we try to create a strong community relationship.