Ideas are not enough

Research is the activity that allows us to explore new possibilities and acquire new knowledge. We are constantly on the lookout for experiences in sectors other than our own that can stimulate new ideas or make those already born within the company applicable. Different technologies, experiments in other contexts, identification of other market needs, allow us to integrate our results and expand our perspectives.Over the years we have found reliable partners, with a significant history in their sector, capable of dialogue for mutual development. Acting as a network able to grasp the inputs coming from the market and the opportunities to blend together mutual technical knowledge, allowed us to develop prototypes, to decide which of them could sustain the market and which should be the basis of a new research activity.
Willingness and competence to open up company boundaries is a choice of trust, which is demanded of us and which we demand of our partners. Over the years, open innovation has enabled us to learn how to deal with the complexity of giving concrete form to intuitions, which can only become new opportunities for the customer in a dialogue open to several points of view.

Our partnerships