Research and Development

Today, high-level researchers and technicians represent one of Gruppo Boero’s most important assets. Over the years, investment in Research and Development has been a winning strategy, allowing the company to seize opportunities in the evolving scenario, proving to be the company’s main vector for long-term development. Our laboratory teams are constantly working on innovation, improving performance and reducing the impact on the environment, in an open relationship with other sensors of change inside and outside the organisation.

Technological partners

Continuous discussion and stimulation with those upstream in the supply chain is vital to the overall update on raw materials, hardware and application tools. We participate in a dynamic system of innovators and follow with common interest the evolution of application tools that can optimally finalise the result of the applied product.

Colour consultants

IED, Politecnico di Milano,, Architects, Designers, Workshops with international partners: these are our antennae on colour trends and fashion, filtered by our marketing department. Paints are increasingly becoming design elements in our homes, waiting to be combined with design objects to furnish living spaces. Research and experiment by colour experts are a source of development in the field of colour formulation, in order to provide our customers with an up-to-date colour trend service.

Research organisations

New technologies are a reservoir of opportunities that must be explored with care, enthusiasm, confidence and prudence. The sixth wave of science now proposes that we measure ourselves against robotics, artificial intelligence, green chemistry and nanotechnology. We are in continuous dialogue with research institutes that propose new technical solutions, both in terms of instruments and raw materials, which Gruppo Boero evaluates for their ability to integrate into production and organisational processes in order to regenerate them.

Industrial partners

Collaboration in sharing raw materials between industries enables the development of one of the main strands of sustainability: the circular economy. Gruppo Boero has confidence in the ability to identify integrated production flows, in order to minimise waste and optimise costs in system economies of scale, and which allows for the creation of links between industries, in a virtuous circuit of mutual motivation for research, innovation and sustainability.


The voice of those who use our products is the main source for the development and continuous improvement of our quality, playing a fundamental role in the final result. Only those who are in the field, those who use the solutions we provide for the Architecture & Deco and marine industries on a daily basis, can give us detailed feedback on the quality and usefulness of our work. Those who actually apply our coatings are experts in materials, performance and customer satisfaction. Valuable figures whose opinion is essential to us. We reciprocate with training courses in which we pass on our experience of research results, product use and trends.

Colour research

In addition to the traditional colour research model, Gruppo Boero (the constellation of brands) has combined the potential linked to the use of information technology, both hardware and software: from tools capable of reading colour with a level of precision far superior to the human eye, to real artificial intelligence software which interprets the behaviour of our products combined with our dyes, in order to create an endless number of colour formulations with a high level of reliability. The result is formulations that are always available to our customers, allowing for ever higher levels of customisation and creativity.

Functional research

In addition to the historical functions of protection and aesthetics, we have paid attention to adding some optional functions to our products, functions that can satisfy the ever-increasing needs for well-being and comfort that emerge in modern lifestyles, both inside and outside our homes or boats: from bacteriostatic activity to functions that reduce indoor pollution of harmful gases, our research has the vocation of incorporating several levels of satisfaction into a single product.

Sustainable formulations

In its vision of progress, Gruppo Boero has set itself the priority of looking for raw materials that can derive from circular economy and natural sources: the objective here is to find raw materials that, while having a composition far removed from ordinary raw materials, can be used with a “functionality” and adaptation to formulations that is comparable to the raw materials in use. Research and Development’s commitment to sustainability is part of a broader project to improve the Group’s impact on the environment, people and territory.

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