Research and Development

Adapting to the new, if possible predicting it and in any case, never resisting it, has always been one of our natural traditions at the company.

Research and Development

The activities of the Boero Group laboratories, based in the context of sustainable development, will continue, focusing our goals according to the business approach that considers innovation, performance improvement and respect for the environment as interrelated themes.
The centre for research, development and technical assistance is structured as follows:

· 1.500m² of surface area;
· over 35 specialist technicians;
· 2 specific research units for activities;
· 2 centralised units;
· coordination of national and European Research Projects;
· Centre for Research and Development of new products (Domestic-Construction and Yachting sectors);
· Centre for Chemical and Instrumental Analysis;
· Supports Diagnostic Analysis;
· Centre for Technical and Application Assistance;
· Centre for Technology and Quality Control.

Technological research, the study and development of innovations, have always been one of the strengths of Boero Group.

Collaborations with universities and national and international research centres and with the most important international producers of raw materials have contributed to the vocational training of high level researchers and technicians that today represent one of the assets of the company. The areas of study concern product innovation, the integration of new technologies in the production process, the reduction of environmental impact, the development of advanced tinting systems to broaden the range at the point of sale, certifications, environmental and regulatory aspects.
The research and development centre is also active in funded projects on issues such as: “development and characterisation of paint products with thermal insulation properties”, and “new paint formulations aimed at improving the reflective properties to infrared radiation for the energy efficiency of buildings and for home comfort”. Other projects are followed in collaboration with TICASS and the European Community in the context of both construction and yachting.