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Boero YachtCoatings Sponsor of The Ocean Race – Genova The Grand Finale

The ocean is endless beauty, which charms and enchants with its colours, from turquoise to the purest blue. Boero YachtCoatings has made beauty a mission spanning the seas, accompanying nearly 800 yachts and superyachts with its paint solutions and technical support. Now, the horizon is opening wide on the world’s longest and most spectacular crewed regatta, celebrating its 50th anniversary: The Ocean Race – Genova The Grand Finale. After having sent its colours travelling around the world accompanying the sails through the Alicante, Newport and Hague legs, involving local partners and affording them a unique experience, Boero YachtCoatings comes to Genoa at the Ocean Live Park, with events, initiatives and simulations at the helm of a virtual boat which will allow children and grown-ups to feel themselves “Captains for a day”.

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We have come to celebrate almost 200 years thanks to the contribution of people who share with us the joy of working in the sector of colour and the drive for progress.

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Green is the colour of hope. We are working on making it the colour of certainty


The innovation process brings together many skills. A workflow that generates new knowledge, which in turn produces new ideas that are then translated into a new product or service. It is a movement which continuously regenerates itself and creates waves destined to reach customers who are actively seeking solutions in line with the positive development of society. 

Only ideas that translate into effective solutions stand the test of time.

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Gruppo Boero is a leader in the sector of paint and coating products for architecture & deco, and yachting

At almost 200 years after its foundation, and with an increasingly international reference market, the teaching of Bartolomeo Boero still guides our every activity, even today: “Give every customer a good product, reputation comes before profit”.