Since January, thanks to its commitment to environmental issues, Boero has officially entered the partners of the Alto Adige Energy Agency – CasaClima, a center of competence for energy efficiency and sustainability in construction, both for new buildings and for the redevelopment of existing ones. The body is recognized not only in Italy, but increasingly also internationally, and has the objective of ensuring the quality of work plans and of accompanying a construction project from A to Z, aiming for a high level of design and execution.

“The collaboration was started with the aim of better satisfying the needs of the construction world by offering cutting-edge solutions for energy efficiency, recovery and decoration of historic and modern buildings in line with the CasaClima certification criteria” declared Ulrich Santa, General Director of the CasaClima Agency.

Among other activities, the collaboration includes participation in events and training sessions organized together with Casaclima.

“The partnership with Casaclima confirms the company’s constant ability to innovate, its commitment to increasingly responsible construction and the desire to collaborate with other companies in the sector to work together towards this common goal.” Riccardo Carpanese, Marketing Director Gruppo Boero