Monaco, September 27, 2023 – Boero YachtCoatings, leader of yacht paint solutions, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Water Revolution Foundation Sustainability Certificate for two antifouling products. In this way, Boero YachtCoatings, in alignment with the sustainable growth process undertaken by Gruppo Boero, is showcasing at The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 the results of this collaboration that began two years ago.

This partnership, driven by a shared mission to ensure a greener and respectful future for the yachting industry, has taken a significant step towards sustainability. The verified antifoulings: Magellan 630 EXTRA and Giraglia 633 EXTRA, have been recognized as two of the most respectful antifouling solutions in the market, with approximately 20% reduction of an environmental impact, compared to standard yacht antifouling products. They combine superior performance and protection with a lower environmental footprint, whether you prefer a hydrophilic matrix self-polishing system or self-polishing copolymer (SPC). Boero YachtCoatings is showcasing these technologies and the company commitment to making a Positive Impact at a dedicated booth (No. SH1) in the Sustainability Hub Pavilion at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

One of these 2 solutions is Magellan 630 EXTRA, a top-quality self-polishing and bright-colored antifouling developed using the innovative SPC technology. It effectively acts in both freshwater and saltwater environments, providing maximum protection against aggressive fouling with a special combination of biocides that keep the hull clean when anchored and during the sailing period. Thanks to SPC technology, the paint film becomes smoother during navigation, reducing surface drag and friction, increasing fuel savings, and lowering CO2 emissions. It offers superior antifouling performance depending on the thickness of the application, ensuring optimal protection up to 36 months.

On the other hand, Giraglia 633 EXTRA is a high-quality self-polishing antifouling with a hydrophilic matrix for professionals. Its high copper compound content ensures excellent anti-fouling power, ensuring a naturally clean hull under any operational conditions. This product is effective in warm and temperate seas as well as mixed waters, performing well even in aggressive seas. With dry docking intervals of up to 3 years, Giraglia 633 EXTRA offers long-lasting protection for yachts, minimizing maintenance costs. These two antifoulings contains active substances according to the BPR Regulation (EU regulation nr. 528/2012).

To learn more about these results and Boero YachtCoatings, please visit the brand main boat show stand AL36 in the Albert 1ER Pavilion where the company is promoting its full range of superyacht products, providing excellent technical sales support, and introducing a dedicated maintenance team following Boero Lifecycle: a range of customized painting solutions and services designed to meet even the most complex requirements of the industry.