The Baroque and its colours: Gruppo Boero partners with Accademia di Brera

On the 3rd December the first meeting between Gruppo Boero and the students of the “Progettazione Artistica per l’impresa” course, part of the two-year specialisation in Product Design, was held at the Accademia di Brera, with professor Roberto Semprini. During the workshop, “The colours of the Neo-baroque from Rome, Naples, Venice and Sicily”, the talk held by Lucia Brignola, Colour Trend Specialist for Gruppo Boero, focused on studying and designing colour in our industry, with the aim of giving the students useful tips and tricks to develop the output required by the course. The presentation was of great interest: over 200 students participated. This was the beginning of a student-centred project, as they will be conducting a study on colours that are the emblem of stylistic expression during the Baroque period in the Italian cities which best represent this cultural and artistic movement.