The know-how of Gruppo Boero at the tip of the nib

The video made by Michele Tranquillini for Gruppo Boero tells about his Know-how and the soul of the Group.

The know-how of Gruppo Boero at the tip of the nib.

On the occasion of the Italy National Day, celebrated on 24 November at Expo 2020 Dubai, the artist Michele Tranquillini has created a series of videos that proudly tell the Knowing how to make Italian companies partners of Italy Expo 2020.

With great talent, for Gruppo Boero, the artist has created a short film that illustrates the projects that best represent the identity and heart of the company through the use of watercolor.

From color plans for the most beautiful villages in Italy to the world of boating and performance, all through color and innovation.

You can watch the video and have more details about the realization of the project in the “Stories” section of our website. Click here

With our colors we bring beauty into the world, this is our know-how…