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Press room

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13 September 2021

Genoa Boat Show 2021

Boero Group participates in the 61st Genoa Boat Show with the brands Boero YachtCoatings and Veneziani Yachting.

9 September 2021

Camogli Communication Festival

Boero Group sponsors the seventh edition of the Festival of Communication in Camogli

To explore together the human aspiration to knowledge.

8 September 2021

Boero accompanies an evocative journey through 25 colors that tell 100 years of history.

Boero, a landmark for designers and architects concerning color, has chosen to support the exhibition “Sociocromie 100 years in 25 colors” curated by Giulio Ceppi, architect, designer and founder of Total Tool, as Main Partner.

28 August 2021

Boero Group supports the urban regeneration project “Repicta”.

Boero Group, a leader in the coatings sector, has placed at the service of the city of Genoa its in-depth professional experience by sponsoring a large-scale street art intervention as part of the urban regeneration project “Repicta” (from the Latin for “repaint”), aimed at changing the face of the Aldo Moro causeway Aldo Moro, transforming it into a genuine work of urban art.

14 July 2021

“Neomaterie”: the natural microalgae-based paints designed for the Italian pavilion

Gruppo Boero, leader in the coatings sector, and TOLO Green, a company engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources, present the “neomaterials”:

29 April 2021

Expo 2020: Tuesday, April 27 in Dubai the presentation of the Italian Pavilion with the hulls of the Tricolor record and the re-production of the David

Dubai by presenting next Tuesday its own Pavilion now completed in the external part and three hulls forming a record tricolor.

2 April 2021

Gruppo Boero and keelcrab launch “green keel pack”: the pilot project born from the passion for the sea and the constant search for products with low environmental impact

Boero Group, a leader in the coatings sector with a strategic vision that is strongly oriented towards sustainable innovation, in partnership with KeelCrab, a brand of underwater drones produced by the Aeffe company, launch Green Keel Pack: the pilot project that will revolutionize the cleaning and maintenance of boats.

29 July 2020

Presented the hulls of the record tricolor of the Italian pavilion

On Tuesday, April 27 in Dubai, the three upside-down green, white and red hulls – painted in the Boero Group’s colors – were unveiled to the world’s public for the first time. These hulls form the roof of the Italian Pavilion, creating the largest Italian flag in the history of our Country.