Gruppo Boero celebrates the hard work of the fire brigade

On Friday 11, in Genoa, the new VVF mural was opened – dedicated to the Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco; it was masterfully painted but the artists, DRINA, A12, and Giuliogol, and was unveiled under the flag usually displayed on the Colosseum for the Festa della Repubblica. The artwork, 180 square metres in size, celebrates and thanks the Fire Brigade for their daily efforts and for the courage they have demonstrated in the most difficult conditions, like for example, in Genoa on the day the Ponte Morandi bridge collapsed. It had been strategically placed near the new Ponte S. Giorgio bridge. Gruppo Boero, supplying the artists with their paints, contributed to the creation of this project, a symbol of the value of art and of the urban regeneration of the area, and in this particular instance, of the local community.

A project created in partnership with Gruppo Iren, Ansaldo Energia, DE RACO COSTRUZIONI S.R.L. – SOCIETÀ A RESPONSABILITÀ LIMITATA and #AlephServices.

Thanks go to Roberto Ferrando, director for Municipio VII-Genova Medio Ponente Comando Provinciale Vigili del Fuoco – Genova