Gruppo Boero, leader in Italy in the paint products market, has chosen to be alongside the Communication Festival again this year, one of the most appreciated cultural events and a point of reference in the complex panorama of communication, scheduled in Camogli from 7 to 10 September 2023.

The Communication Festival, conceived by Umberto Eco, directed by Rosangela Bonsignorio and Danco Singer and organized by Frame, in collaboration with the Municipality of Camogli, will, like every year, transform the fascinating village overlooking the Golfo Paradiso into a place of exchange and reflection on the central theme of this edition: memory. An extraordinary attitude of the mind, body and spirit, as powerful as it is mysterious, an integral part of our ego and an indispensable tool for building our identity as men and peoples.

It is the ability to keep track of information, images, sensations, ideas, memories of events experienced; it is the ability to recall them over time, to recognize them as states of consciousness. Memory is therefore the foundation of what is not yet and what will be tomorrow.

A theme of reflection consistent with Gruppo Boero, which has founded the foundations for building beauty through innovation and constant research on Italian tradition, know-how and the culture of color for over 190 years.

Its history begins in 1831, when Bartolomeo Boero started his white lead factory, making it a point of reference in the field of paint products for the building industry at the beginning of the 20th century.

There are four offices distributed in Northern Italy, which are responsible for administrative activities, logistics, production and research. The Federico Mario Boero plant is among the largest production centers for the paint industry in Europe. With 3% of turnover invested in research and development each year, Gruppo Boero is constantly committed to formulating technologically advanced products that comply with the strictest health and safety regulations.

As part of a strategic vision strongly oriented towards sustainable innovation and social responsibility, the Boero Group has undertaken a Corporate Social Responsibility path, with the definition of concrete short and medium term objectives.

Attention to the reduced impact on the environment, territory and society characterizes both the products and the processes, involving the different phases of the production and distribution cycle,

The strong expertise in color research and the ability to know how to innovate also through cutting-edge technologies make the Boero Group the Italian excellence for high-performance paint products, both in the construction sector and in the yachting sector.

In particular, the historic Boero brand, the Italian color since 1831, constitutes the point of reference for architects and color professionals, while the Boero YachtCoatings brand specializes in the production of a range of high-level coating products suitable for any use in the nautical.

Today Gruppo Boero is a partner of CIN, a Portuguese company leader in the Iberian paint and varnishes market, thus positioning itself among the main global players and confirming itself as the leading Italian group in the sector.