Boero know-how at the tip of a nib

The video event created for Expo 2020 by artist Michele Tranquillini clothes technology in the gestures of poetry.

Following the intuition of a line that leads to surprise. The power of the language of the new video entrusted to Michele Tranquillini by Davide Rampello, to narrate the partner companies of Padiglione Italia in Dubai, is precisely that chasing of ideas which race together.

Michele Tranquillini connects the projects that tell the identity of each company with a thread of ink that moves from the pen with a dynamism resembling the one with which the brands have crossed time, places and innovations.
Drawing is open to change, it sparks curiosity,” explains the artist-illustrator, “and today the dialogue between digital and analogue allows us to reproduce different levels of storytelling and bring objects to life.Through digital technology, a game of cross-references is created between drawings, objects and words, involving the viewer and allowing him or her to imagine, while having fun, what form will be created, how so many pieces make a concept come to life and how to get there”.

Boero’s “Saper fare” project

For the Saper fare – “know how to do” – project, which is part of the activities celebrating Italy’s Day at Expo2020 Dubai, about 8 videos were thought up, stitched together into a single immersive narrative, projected onto a 15×10 metre screen positioned in front of the Pavilion’s Belvedere.

A wall on which the Italian excellences will flow one after the other, composing a unique story in which viewers will be able to immerse themselves, going through it almost in first person.

The Artistic Director’s decision to entrust the stories of technology to drawings was very stimulating. We are used to photographic images or graphics with special effects, but the multiplication of possibilities offered by technology can be told even better through the simplicity and honesty of drawing.

A tool that does not exaggerate but finds creative ways and meets the imagination of the viewer, a real additive to my stroke, indispensable for obtaining as many extraordinary effects as there are onlookers”.

How do you describe the Gruppo Boero’s “Saper Fare”?

In order to tell the story of the Gruppo Boero, Tranquillini investigated the key points of our know-how-to-do in an interview: “all the companies described share the very Italian talent of inventiveness, or rather the ability to improvise solutions in unforeseen and unpredictable situations, and to make this immediacy of response an efficient art.

As for Gruppo Boero, its pivotal theme of knowing how to bring beauty is a fascinating one. It forced me to ask myself: what is really beautiful? I answered myself that something is beautiful when it is generative.I was struck by the project for bringing colour back to the villages of Italy”.

I had been wondering for some time who would bring back the authentic colours, the patterns of paint on the buildings we walk among. The environment in which we move is important for our well-being and the creation of colour palettes is undoubtedly something generative, on several levels.
In the video, I try to lean on the small details that are in a street or a square to make the viewer feel present in the picture, to give it a grip on reality; photography often distracts us from those details that instead give substance to a place and animate the space”.

Generating beauty through innovation and imaginationnazione

In order to bring out from the paper, and then from the screen, the most significant features of the Gruppo Boero brand and its Research, the storyteller used the almost magical gesture of the brush, through which the watercolour stages the concreteness of other moments that we won’t reveal to you for now.

It was great to come into contact with the passion of the researchers who authentically convey the magic of colour experimentation. Beauty is the gateway to knowledge”.

Innovation does not require artifice: you just have to put together what you already have better.
Our bricoleurs, architects, designers and shipowners, who rely on the Gruppo Boero every day to generate something new, know this, having fun in the commitment to give new shape and new care to their projects, and whose main raw material is the gift of imagination.