Dubai 2020:
more than meets the eye

A partner working with the best. The largest flag in history marks a new path.
With Gruppo Boero there is colour, beauty and innovation.

A flag made of hulls touching the sky, poetic splendour sharing the possible. The green, white and red stand out over a surface area of 2100m2 painted with products used in yachting tradition, now enriched even more with textures and colours, and with a custom-made sail giving the illusion of movement, a symbol of the dynamism that unites the community of businesses and designers on a single path. The aim is to present new models of market success, coming from the transversal partnerships working on finding creative solutions within the circular economy. New ecology in industrial relationships where curiosity and shared risk allow companies to overcome known standards and offer higher performing products in light of future sustainability provisions. As of now, Gruppo Boero has provided technological performance and reliability with its top range varnish, Challenger Pro, ensuring excellent endurance and shine. In addition, over 4000m2 of the surface area for the columns used to support the hulls were coated with Challenger Pro, a glossy, thick-coating and resistant varnish. 

Our small “Blu” revolution. From a partnership with Tolo Green comes the new frontier in organic pigments. An innovative and sustainable path taking colour back to its origins.

It has a velvet and light colour between blue and green – this pigment has been derived from the microalgae, spirulina, whose cultivation is now used to feed astronauts and, in the future, countries suffering from famine. This is the first experimental colour coming from Gruppo Boero’s hundreds of years of experience in colour chemistry, and the new biology of Tolo Green, a start-up that for over twenty years has been researching algae for nutrition and circular economy. The result of this partnership is a paint derived from what Italo Rota described as “neo-materials”, created with powders obtained from microalgae cultivated in specialised hydroponic farms. After a number of tests, a wall paint was specially created for the interior walls of the main areas of the Pavilion: the VIP area, Auditorium, Educational Lab and the foyer.

An experiment of prototype products that Gruppo Boero intends to mature on an industrial scale for the international market, investing in a new competitive model. The algae come from the cultivation vats in Arborea (OR) in Sardinia, in one of the blue areas in Europe, where the ecosystem is cleanest. The term neo-materials describes raw materials derived from natural elements or from food product waste.

The future will see us working in the experimentation of new pigments deriving from other species of algae. Applying colour science to this type of pigment brings research back to those small shops in the past where every colour come from a mix borrowed from nature. The manufacture of organic pigments is one of the most complex in the range of raw materials with which Boero has always experimented with. Biologists and chemists are working together to find consistent colour power and new hues deriving from microalgae, coming into the creative cycle actively, alive. For this purpose new research could uncover extraordinary and completely unexpected possibilities, in a continual partnership with nature that we want to develop into a normal quality standard in the paint industry.

This new opportunity for Gruppo Boero comes after another special project, carried out with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia on the opportunities presented by food waste, in particular by cacao, orange peels and cornflour. We are working on continually improving our skills using vegetable waste materials and are participating in implementing solutions that can only be created through investing in our research network.