Infinity, even bluer.
Partners performance and sustainability.

Boero YachtCoatings Sponsor of The Ocean Race – Genova The Grand Finale

The ocean is boundless beauty, captivating and enchanting, with its endless shades of blue. Boero YachtCoatings has made beauty a mission spanning the seas, accompanying nearly 800 yachts and superyachts with its paint solutions and technical support. Now, the horizon is opening wide on the world’s longest and most spectacular crewed regatta, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Boero YachtCoatings is proud to support The Ocean Race – Genoa The Grand Finale, with which it shares the course of performance and sustainability, toward an even bluer horizon.

“Our company is proud to stand alongside this wonderful adventure. The partnership with Genoa The Grand Finale is rooted in the deep connection with the City and the values that the company shares with The Ocean Race; namely innovation, historicity and sustainability. Boero YachtCoatings is a brand of the Boero Group, a company that originated in Genoa and that, in its almost 200 years of history, has always been careful to give back to the area that it received so much from, balancing the impact of its activities with initiatives dedicated to the city and to strengthening the social fabric.”

Giampaolo Iacone, General Manager of Boero Group

Performance and sustainability: the shared course.

For Boero YachtCoatings, the perfect performance is the one that blends into the dynamic folds of the ocean, always moving, without arousing disturbances, in harmonious symbiosis with its shades of blue. Being present at Genoa The Grand Finale 2022-23 is yet another step toward respect for the environment: the event is not only the epilogue of an extraordinary challenge, but also a showcase for debates and workshops focused on sustainability in the marine environment.

From the capital of Liguria, in fact, comes the Genova Process, drawn on the sea together with the top experts and stakeholders in the field at the international level to redesign the Man-Ocean relationship with the first draft of the Charter of Ocean Rights, whose principleswill be presented in Genoa during the “Grand Finale” and then delivered to the United Nations Assembly, in New York, in November 2023.

The wind carries the Boero YachtCoatings colours around the world.

After setting sail with the boats from Alicante, Boero YachtCoatings’ colours have closely followed several stages of the extraordinary race, in Newport, and The Hague, with the aim of engaging local partners and offering them a unique experience.

“Proud sponsors of The Ocean Race: Genoa The Grand Finale, Boero YachtCoatings is expanding its networking worldwide with more than 50 years of experience in paint solutions that have protected and enhanced the beauty of yachts and superyachts in more than 20 countries,” said Gemma Gonzalez Ferrer, Yachting Business Unit Director. “By supporting this international event, we have grasped an extraordinary opportunity to connect with our valued customers, both Italian and international, engaging them in networking and leisure activities, strengthening our partnership. On the last leg of the regatta, from Alicante to Genoa, we sail alongside our many partners, supported by our new yachting strategy and excelling together. “

Alicante: the journey begins

From the starting line of the first leg in Alicante, the boats thrust out towards the horizon: a journey of nearly 2,200 miles through the Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, to Cape Verde, awaits them. Along with the boats, there sails Boero YachtCoatings, a participant in this first leg of the world’s longest and most spectacular ocean race.

Newport: the Ocean Calls.

From the fifth leg in Newport, the colours of Boero YatchCoatings greet the boats as they prepare to cross the Atlantic again in a decisive crossing. This ocean race will be a highlight of the competition, in which to test themselves with the Atlantic crossing and the double points up for grabs.

The Hague: the ultimate challenge.

From the waters of The Hague, Holland’s only coastal town, the sails are getting ready for the ultimate challenge: they will head towards the Mediterranean, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and skirting Spain to aim for the finish line in Genoa, where Boero YatchCoatings awaits them along with the partners, initiatives and experiences of the “Grand Finale.”

“The Grand Finale” of The Ocean Race

Genoa is ready to host an unprecedented event: the “Grand Finale” of The Ocean Race. After tackling the Ocean, the boats will sail to the finish line, which will be celebrated in the striking Levante Waterfront, the area redesigned by Renzo Piano. Here the Ocean Live Park, dedicated to the event that houses the regatta’s star boats, including legends such as New Zealand Endeavour and Rolly Go, will be inaugurated.

Boero YachtCoatings will elebrates the arrival with a dedicated space, where adults and children can immerse themselves in the adventure of The Ocean Race through activities and simulations at the helm of a virtual boat, to feel like “captains for a day.” An opportunity to pay tribute to the passion for the sea, performance and sustainability that Boero YachtCoatings and The Ocean Race share. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for 24 June, followed by a series of initiatives involving the public until 2 July.